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Double-effect antioxidant

Double-effect antioxidant
One.Product presentation
Doubleeffect antioxidant is a mixture which is made up of the sodium and heavy sodium sulfite.(this rest on the demand of the beer factory to the sodion).This matched proportion make the doubleeffect antioxidant have three times effect of resisting oxidization.According to the trait of beer prodcution,this product is manufactured specially,which can react with the oxygen in beer.Meanwhile,this product can reduce the quantity of oxygen in beer,avoid beer aging.In a word,it is a saved and reliable method of chemical oxidation resistance.
[Rapid oxidation resistance] Because of the strong reducibility of the sulphite,it can mix rapidly with the oxygen in beer in order to consume the oxygen in beer and bottle,and then it can enforce the function of oxidation resistance rapidly.
[Oxidation resistance long time]Sodium erythorbate in double effect antioxidant can react slowly and lastingly with the oxygen in beer.It can keep the result of oxidation resistance long time,avoid beer aging,prolong guarantee of beer.
[Increase flavor stability]This both of antioxidant have some co-operative function,and they can have the better effect of oxidation resistance than respective function.Besides reducing dissovled oxygen,blocking oxidation of some inherent element,improve flavor sability,it can also help remove kakogeusia which is generated by some kinds of aldehydes,and then improve largely the stability of beer flavor.
Shape:Crystal powder
Dissolvability:Completely dissolved in water.
Four.Adding amount and using methods
According to the amount of dissolved oxygen,the good amount of it is 10-30 ppm.
It should be made a 20% liquid before it is mixed,and it should be added slowly using th e stainless steel additional pump,and we suggest that the first is add and the second is filter.In addition ,you can add the liquid which is prepared well to bright beer tank.Before this,you’d better filter this liquid firstly.After the solution is prepared well,it should be added promptly avoiding attaching with air long time.
This product use the vacuum and nitrogen-filled foil wrapper.Weight of every bag is 1kg,and the outside package is barrel,weight of evry barrel is 25 kg.
In the transportation,this product must be avoided the strong sunshine and rain.Meanwhile,store should keep clean,cool,dry.It can be well kept one year under low temperature and avoiding sunshine conditions.
Category: Food & Beverages / Alcohol Placement Date: Nov 17, 2011 GMT
Company name: Anke Bioengineering Co., Ltd. Shandong Company type: Importer, Service
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