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Taxi Headrest Ad Player

Dear Sir or Madam,
Our company, Parsian Civilization Development Company based in Tehran-Iran is a leading general trading company with more than 13 years of experience.
Recently, one of our customers has inquired for a new requirement which is not taximeter, but can be described as per below:
1) For approximately 60,000 units of taxies, they require to mount two monitors on the rear of two headrests of front seats of taxi for the broadcasting of various advertisements. Please take note that they intend the advertising images would be broadcasted through the GSM modem network and therefore, the taxi driver should not have any role in controlling the ads!
As per their inquiry, once the driver starts up his taxi in the early morning of every day, the advertising pictures will be broadcasted automatically on the mentioned monitors and actually the changing of pictures would be done off line through the GSM modem network. That means the management of the ads broadcasting for the purpose of changing or correcting of ads on the monitors shall be exclusively done by GSM modem network, not the taxi driver! Besides, for your information, it is to be reiterated that actually we don’t require roadside management and our requirement is not identical with the LCD displays boards in the roadside management, but as per our requirement when the taxi driver starts up his car, our expected monitors would be turned on and accordingly the advertisements and contents could be displayed while the driver has not any role in changing the content of the ads at all. Moreover, the expected ad pictures are with motion, the same like (movies) and not fixed!
2) Regarding our taxis, please be informed that they are usually Toyota Camary or Peugeot 405 or Peugeot 206 and our expected monitors should be mounted inside the car and on the rear of the two front seats (on the back side of headrest of both seats) so that display the ads to the persons sitting on the rear seats. The monitor size could be 4 inch in 4 inch (4X4 inches) or 3 inch in 4 inch.
3) Please provide more details about the network and the modality of its required operation equipments as well as the modality of the management of the network. How the data are given to the inside of the taxi and broadcasted accordingly? Please clarify the same for both inside the taxi and also the center respectively!
4) Meanwhile, this project is related to one of Iranian cities and if it could be implemented successfully and satisfy the demand, then, it will become a national project for the other cities of Iran as well.
Looking forward to fruitful cooperation based on mutual benefits
Thanks & best regards,
Hossein Afshar
Manager of International Commerce
Parsian Civilization Development Co, Iran
Tel: +9821-22858032
Fax: +9821-22856547
Skype: parsian23

Category: Electronics & Electricals / Communications Placement Date: Apr 09, 2013 GMT
Company name: Parsian Civilization Developement Co. Company type: Exporter, Importer, Service, Other
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