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Alpha-arbutin 98%,99% / Lingonberry leaf extract

Alpha-arbutin 98%,99% / Lingonberry leaf extract
Arbutin is a natural active substance, which is derived from green plants and regarded as a green, safe, reliable, efficient bleaching harmonious unity in one of three natural active ingredients.
1.Latin Name: Vaccinium Macrocarpon L.
2.alpha-arbutin 98% 99%
Appearance:Light Brown to White powder
LossonDrying: NMT 5%
Assay(HPLC): 25%,50%, 98%,99%
1.Arbutinisextractedfromthelingonberryleaves, ithasmanyusesincosmeticsindustry.
2.Arbutin is a derivative of hydroquinone. It has an antibacterial effect and interferes with cell processes.
1.Raw material is 100% from wild, non-pollution, no chemical fertilizer, no pesticide residues.
2.Strictly produced in GMP workshop by the most advanced ultrasonic continuous countercurrent extraction equipment
3.No side effect at all
HACCPCertificate,ISO9001Certificate,HalalCertificate,CIQCertificate,PONYCertificate andUSFDACertificate.
Andwearealso6-year AlibabaChinesesupplier.Now,wecandocommodityinspection.
Please contact Penny through penny at lgberry dot com.
Category: Food & Beverages / Food Additives Placement Date: Jul 06, 2015 GMT
Company name: DaXingAnLing Lingonberry Boreal Biotech Co.,Ltd Company type: Exporter, Importer, Manufacturer
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